Places to Visit


Who we are in Christ 1.

Who we are in Christ 2.

Stages of faith

The names of God

Desiring God

Living on the Edge

Burning Bushes

A Holy Experience

The Green Letters (the chapter on acceptance is life changing)


Ten Points Joyful Parenting

When you don’t feel very loving

I Take Joy

Amazing Books

Loving The Little Years (Is there a way to give something 100 stars instead of 5? Yeah, it’s that down to earth and helpful if your a mom of little ones!)

The Green Letters

The Ministry of Intercession

If You Will Ask

The Loveliness of Christ

The Practice of The Presence of God

The Golden Booklet of the True Christian

A Puritan Family Devotional: Westminster Confession of Faith


Sacred Marriage

Sacred Influence


Adrenal Fatigue

Weston Price Foundation

The Healthy Home Economist

Yummy, Healthy

Healthy Indulgences -amazing sugar free/natural deserts!

Kefir resources

Fellow Travellers:

Burning Bushes (posts are so encouraging!!)

Birkel Family Life

Pilgrim’s Pathway

The Hippie Housewife

Lady Dusk

Tulip Girl

Making Home

The Tully Telegraph

Large Family Mothering


I Take Joy

Wordsmith’s Desk


Worth Repeating:

You are More


Everlasting God

Love Is Here

Love Story


Only One

Things I like

ABF Crocs

Camo Mei Tais

Pocket Diapers

Check back for more later. Of course I don’t agree with everything in these sites. I just either like them or found them helpful and insightful in parts.


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