following Jesus

Love God and do what you please _St. Augustine

Keep your relationship to Jesus right and God will fulfill His purposes in your life. Get out of touch with His Living Spirit, go in your own strength and you will walk in flesh. 

Oswald Chambers was the one who pounded this into my heart when I first became a Christian. I lost it countless times since those early years but it has echoed again in my heart when I realize I’ve been going it alone and trying to become right and be made whole by my own works instead of because and through Christ’s work in me. Namely, if I have taken of praying with desperation of myself. Praying with desperation for God to be at work in me. Also praying with faith that GOD IS. God is at work in me and that He has won the battle. 


Do I believe the promises for my life? Do I live in conscious dependence on Him? He’s the Source. 

Are we seeking to work for Jesus or to LOVE Jesus? Love Jesus and He’ll work through you His work. 

8 thoughts on “following Jesus

  1. Defiantly some questions to ask the heart of every person who calls themselves a follower! Faith is was we need to “see” our path and we only need to be content with what we see right in front of us, not miles ahead on the path. Be Blessed!

    • Yes, without faith it is impossible to please God for of course how can we walk if we can’t see the way God wants us to walk as you said! Oh for more faith to walk in Him! Blessings to you also!

  2. Jess, I’ve been so caught up in so many things going on that I’ve neglected some e-mails, some blogs, some friendships. I’m sorry for being behind in reading what you’ve put here on your blog, but looking through what I missed–WOW, what a breath of fresh air it is to come here and read your thoughts on letting go of control, letting the LORD sanctify us instead of trying to do it on our own, and so on.

    • Elizabeth, you’ve had a lot going on! Thank you for your kind words. I have to keep reminding myself of these things over and over. God is so kind to us and He is at work. All is grace.

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