who’s kingdom?

He called us to pray: “Your kingdom come.”

He called us to seek His Kingdom FIRST.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Do we believe it? Do we live it? Only by God’s Spirit are we able. But we have been given His Spirit freely in Christ. If we aren’t living this it’s because we are denying in practice who we are in Christ. If we don’t claim the promises and inheritance in God as His children it’s our own fault. His riches are there–for US. We show we aren’t walking in faith when we don’t accept them and walk in the riches of His goodness towards us His children. Lord, increase our faith!

Where Lord is Your kingdom in my family, my friends, my town, my state, my nation, this world? I too easily seek my kingdom. I’m too busy with my “cares and distractions” to realize that the form of this world is passing away and that this world is the shadow but the new one is coming and it is an eternal one. That the unseen things are the eternal and I must make the unseen my priority. If I do not have time to seek God’s face at set times and all the time then I don’t have time to feed my children and myself breakfast. The eternal things must be sought above the temporal. Not to say we should neglect our families but we must trust that when we are seeking God’s kingdom first HE WILL PROVIDE ‘ALL THESE THINGS’. He’ll add them on abundantly and our faith will grow and we will wonder at the beauty of His ways.

Today my prayer is that Your kingdom would come in every circle we walk through and beyond.


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