my joy is found in…

I started reading The Strategy of Satan by Warren Weirsbe recently. It is based on Scripture and basically exegetes the Scripture references on spiritual warfare. Weirsbe helps readers look at key phrases in the original language so that the full meaning is understood. It isn’t thick but it’s a book you want to take your time on. The main premise of what I read yesterday is that the battle Satan is fighting is for our thoughts and that if Satan can get us to accept lies then he is going to ruin our effectiveness for the kingdom and get us into a mess. Here’s a passage that he shared among many:

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Phil. 4:8

This passage is of often quoted but he emphasized that we must think on that which is TRUE. In order to combat the lies Jesus quoted Scripture He had memorized. If the son of God memorized Scripture how much more should we as His followers memorize and meditate on Scripture so we can combat the lies that are flying towards us constantly. I don’t know about you but when I am around media and the world I get bombarded with messages filled with lies about my worth and my purpose in life. I get discouraged easily from those messages unless I keep repeating Truth and Scripture to myself about where my worth and meaning come from. My worth and meaning are not a dress size, a perfectly decorated house, well-mannered children with matching Hanna Anderson clothes, an army of girl friends, oodles of “me time”, or a romance novel “romantic” husband. My purpose in life is not to “find happiness” in myself or in other people like my husband or children. My happiness is to be found in living for and loving my Creator! When I get those priorities right and keep reminding myself and steeping myself in Scripture my heart IS joyful and I am blessed or happy! Thank God as Christians we have the key to true happiness that is not based on circumstances or the fleeting things the world says we “must” have for happiness to be attained. Just think about it all those people at rest homes who see their health and attractiveness gone, what do they have to be happy about in the world’s eyes? However I know Christians in such a situation who are some of the most delightful joyful people in such a situation. They have an eternal joy that no one can take from them. They’ve learned the secret.


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  1. 🙂 My husband is not a “romance novel” romantic husband, either, but I am okay with this. That wasn’t always the case, I must say. A little more romance is always nice, and he does try sometimes, but I have learned to love him much more for how stable, dependable and truly thoughtful he is. This, in fact, has even become a kind of romance all its own. It’s deeper and more meaningful. I’ve come to love him more for these good qualities (and so many others) than for what a little creativity in expressing himself could ever have done. What I have learned is that although he is not the sort of man to get very romantic (being mildly autistic does not help in that regard!!) in the usual sense, his form of romance is, say, doing kind things for me or listening to me. I think I understand that now.

    I can so easily relate to wanting things perfect, and living in the city provides plenty of temptations to greed so I can have a more beautifully decorated house, like you said. Flyers show up at the doorstep often, and the homes look so perfect and lovely and inviting. I actually stopped looking at them because I realized they were stirring up greed in my heart, even if I never acted on it, and making me very ungrateful for what we DO have. It was so unhealthy! I hardly realized it was happening until God gave me the grace, and once I saw, I was horrified.

    Life is so much happier, and God is much easier to find, if we live simple, grateful lives. I’m thankful that you’ve posted about this, because I’m sure many can relate to it!

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