Truth Wins

Have you ever gone through your day feeling like you are the only one experiencing the challenges you are facing. Maybe everything went wrong today with your children, husband or you feel unloved, overwhelmed by health problems, exhaustion, budget concerns, maybe it’s a feeling of depression? When we feel alone and that we feel like we can’t handle life we must startle awake and realize the enemies arrows are flying and if we believe them we will be torn up. He is the accuser of God’s own, He’s a twister of the truth and where all lies come from.

All who follow God will face many trials and they are sent lovingly and wisely to conform us to Christ. They have wise and deep purposes some of which we won’t fully understand here in this dimension.  They lead us to find our strength in Him, to find our all in Him. That child you have no idea how to deal with? The health problems that exhaust and burden you? The times you feel so frustrated with your life or your relationships? When those closet to you disappoint and hurt you? When you feel overcome by sin and doubt and evil in your own heart? Those thoughts and feelings are opportunities to decide who’s side you will agree with. Whether you will believe the enemy of our souls who shouts God can’t and won’t help you. That He doesn’t care about your concerns and problems that He’s too busy and you aren’t good enough to ask for help from Him or whether you will believe the everlasting God your Redeemer that He will give you everything you need and that His strength is YOURS in Christ. 

Becoming a mother has changed me. It has filled my day with big and small crises and it has made me take a good long hard look at who I am. It’s opened me to my failings and weaknesses it’s shown me on a whole new level just how impatient and easily angered I am. Being a mother has shown me the great need my children have and my inability to fill it myself. I’ve tried so hard in my own strength and I’ve given up my arms in despair for so long. I’ve listened to the lies of the evil one too many times to count. The enemy is right about one thing, we can’t do this, our flesh is weak and very, very sinful. These spiritual attacks of the enemy I had assumed were truth and were my own heart. I believed I must be really awful to be struggling this much  I was very discouraged and joy wasn’t there. I had bought into the lies of the enemy “you are overwhelmed” “you can’t handle two children, who are you?!” “you don’t love your daughter” “you are ruining your kids” “your health makes it impossible to be a good mom” “you are too exhausted, too sick to do a good job or have fun with your kids” I could go on. I think you get the idea. These are ALL death darts from the Father of Lies. My problem was that I wasn’t seeing the spiritual attack of the evil one on my soul in those thoughts that plagued me. I didn’t see the spiritual battle to believe the truth about myself, my children, my husband, friends and ultimately  God. I thought those thoughts came from my own heart. Once I realized that this is a battle and each moment I need to consciously fight the lies and walk meditating on the True promises of God. It’s a battle for joy to learn to preach the gospel to myself constantly. To find a promise from God to repeat to myself each day. Often it’s the promise that God gives strength to the weary! Oh am I weary, so often! God allows motherhood to be a physically and emotionally challenging time.

God lovingly allowed me to meet with a Biblical Counselor who by faith and patience has learned to do battle on her knees and with Scripture. To battle with the seed thought of lies. To combat it with the life-giving shield of truth. She told me first off “do you know those thoughts you are sharing are LIES from the enemy of your soul? Those times you feel isolated and alone you are in enemy territory listening to his destructive counsel.” Then she explained who I truly am:  “You are a warrior in a army which will NOT know defeat. You are a Royal Daughter of the King, you are inhabited with the Spirit of the Living God and you are NOT overwhelmed (So stop saying that!!), you have love for your daughter and joy a deep well of joy in your Savior.” Oh to claim these precious, precious promises of God. To hang on for dear life.

A transformation had begun. I start each sleepy eyed morning telling myself “Today will be filled with many challenges but in Christ you have all you need for the challenges. All the strength, joy and hope are found in the Spirit who is in you.” I also frequently throughout my day remind myself to “put my big girl panties on and stop complaining about the trials. We are in a war, get the sword out and DO battle. Ask, seek, knock. Fall flat on my face, yes, frequently but then come again to my Father, be forgiven and get up and fight again! I am called to do battle on my knees humbly in His power, but yet also boldy ask for what I need. To battle the thoughts that accuse and discourage and defeat our spirits. The thoughts that turn our hearts to our own strength. Let’s remember yes our own weakness, but let’s fix our eyes on God’s strength and let that be our battle cry: our strength lies in God Almighty maker of heaven and earth!  He will uphold us and carry us through if we continue to place our trust in Him.

Lord help us believe the truth and let us claim the joy you have given us as our inheritance. Let us raise up this next generation for Your glory and in your strength.


8 thoughts on “Truth Wins

  1. Your new blog looks great, Jess. Thanks for sending me the invite! You know I’ll be a faithful reader. 😉

    I could go on and on about how I agree with everything you’re saying here, but I suppose my last couple of e-mails to you say enough! Yes, it is a battle, and it has to be fought everywhere by people of every walk of life, whether it is in the office, in the home, or even in prisons. We all have to face this battle, as you said, and you are so right that we are daughters of the Father, who will never fail us!

  2. P.S. A little funny, Jess, but it actually WORKS to drive temptations away from me (especially the temptation to doubt): I say out loud, when the temptation is greatest, “Oh, God is so merciful! He loves me so much. If only Lucifer would humble himself and seek God’s mercy, like I am doing now!” I really believe the devil RUNS when he even hears the mention of something so “humiliating.” He hates God’s mercy, he doesn’t understand it, he laughs at it–but he knows it is very real and he can’t handle that reality. Honestly, this works for me so often, to praise God and then lament that not all creatures love Him, which just sends the enemy running for the hills. And anyway, it IS sad that not all of His creatures love Him.

  3. I am really convinced that Satan hates the family. He hates marriage and he hates all family relationships. That is because it is in those relationships (a) we realize that we cannot love or serve even those we claim to love in our own strength and therefore feel our need for grace and a Savior more acutely (b) we see God most clearly as the most perfect picture of those family relationships — the Bridegroom, our Father, our Elder Brother, etc.

    So, it is there — in the family — that Satan attacks most viciously. I know that has been true in my own life, in my marriage and in my mothering. Those lies you posted…they are in my brain all the time. That I am ruining my kids. That I am not good enough in any way, etc.

    I am guilty of believing them, more often than not. I need to pick up the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, and like you said, FIGHT.

    Good words. I am glad you’re back. 🙂

    • Alissa,
      You are right on! Attack families and Satan’s got a real victory at demolishing the entire culture.

      You’ve been on my heart a lot this winter. We’re dealing with the very same issues in so many ways. I def. can relate to a lot of what you share on facebook and your blog. Just know that you aren’t alone in fighting this battle this war in your mind and heart. keep claiming the truth in your life. I’m right there with you on this battle! There is victory and beauty for us in Christ’s strength.

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